Art Prints Showcased at Skate shop

 Title a little confusing? I can understand why, this was new to me too the first time I went into this skate shop simply called well er.... "Simply" I noticed they had a little wall at the entrance with framed up artworks. After talking to the guy that runs the place apparently they have an interesting concept whereby local artist could offer to put up their work for whatever price they decide, and display at this skate shop. If someone buys it, them the shop just takes 25% I think commission. So I decided to have some prints framed up and give it a go. If you're in Melbourne Eastland mall be sure to stop by simply if you want some skating gears, or they even have an INDOOR RAMP! to skate around a lil bit or just to look at some awesome art works by lesser known but pretty awesome local artist. Check out some of my works too ;) well, 2 are gone cause they already been sold and it was sometime I only decide to post this now, lulz anyway might just do more for their shop :)