Les Minions

So this is a very fun one I did awhile back for my deviantart. Lol im a big fan of despicable me and those adorable minions seem to love cosplaying / role playing as all sorts of professions and weird stuff. They pretty much remind me of Roger the alien from American Dad.

Anyhoo this gives a good opportunity to parody them in all sorts of movie posters and I choose Les Miserables.

I really liked how this turned out especially the dramatic lighting and the minion in such seriousness. Hope you guys like it!


  1. Love this piece! Such a good composition between the 2 totally different feels. Would've loved to see a series of artwork inspired by this.

    Consider yourself followed (also, I'd love a way to "like" your posts)

    1. Thank you for the comment. And sure I will definitely do more of these and not really sure how to add a like button to my blog if you know how let me know ! :)


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