MassFurball 0_0

Just finished another cat related parody been meaning to play Mass Effect 3 but havent got time to. Got mah choices made and mah saved game saved from Mass Effect 2, cant wait to bring that shit over and see how it plays out. Anyways, tried turning it into a t-shirt so check it out here

Also im working on a tutorial at the moment, my first tutorial and its gonna be about how to draw sexy lips so bear with me. I created this blog as a way to share my art and art knowledge and though I know Im not overly professional, Im trying and I want to share what I learnt with you and hope that by constantly coming up with artwork and tutorials I can better myself. I also notice that because im mostly self thought, I find it hard when people ask me to teach the about art because most of the techniques I picked up wasnt on a step by step basis so I would like to learn a little on explain my artwork in order to share techniques with others. Although, when I explain things I dont go all technical, nor will I fill it up with artsy fartsy jargon so maybe it will be good for beginners. Well stay tuned <3